10 – Mr. Stadel’s water vase

Last week was the first time I used a 3-Act lesson for a weekly PS. I used Andrew’s Water Vase with my geometry students. (The kids had to ask for information they think they’d need to solve the problem. If they asked for radius and area, I only gave the radius.)

I purposely assign a weekly PS that’s out of sync with the content we’re studying because if it were the same, it’d be just another homework problem. I’m also trying to bring in as many 3-Act lessons as I can this year. Tall people — like DanAndrew, and Nathan — work zealously to make these, so I make sure I steal them wholeheartedly.

Today their write-ups are due, and I’m happy that to see that they were mostly neat and coherent. The answer is about 113.9 seconds (or 1 minute and 54 seconds). However, two students reported the answer as 1.54 minutes.

I continue to see this type of mistake.


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