111 – (sub day) – what my kids did and what i did

I always try to explain the assignment to my kids the day before so my substitute does not have to start from scratch.


I use PUNCHLINE Algebra Puzzles often when I have a sub. The kids get similar practice to what we’d do if I were present. Because my kids have math for 2 periods, they play BINGO in the 2nd hour.

I found this easy Excel BINGO template from Steve Mashburn. This one is already made for factoring polynomials.

Math 6

These kids work on a scale drawing of a cat. I also allow them to do quiz retakes with my sub if they wanted to.



These kids almost always work on Geometer’s Sketchpad¬†(GSP) when I’m gone because the assignment itself is self-directed. Every chapter has problem-solving constructions¬†embedded in it where students use GSP to reach their conjectures and/or conclusions.

Here’s the image of the first 2 pages of their Chapter 8 packet. Here’s the whole chapter packet.


And here’s the image of the first 2 pages (of 8) of what I expect the kids to create from GSP for this chapter. (I leave this for my sub so the kids can take a peek if they have questions.)



For our Common Core UCSB Math Project workshop, I had our participants do this activity for Math Practice #6: Attend to Precision. I’m very impressed with how the teachers did!


Then I had the drawer from the previous activity become the builder. He/She built a structure with Lego pieces, then described what was built for the other person to construct the same.


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