127 – estimating percent of a number

It actually was good to get back into the grind of things after our 2-week spring break. The kids were great. Only 1 student was absent out of 3 classes.

This handout went really well today.


I made this handout so kids can continue to work on number sense, just estimate, just get reasonable answers. I did this back-to-back so we had 24 sets but only had time to do 12 of them.

I created all the blanks so 1) kids don’t go ahead, 2) I can pick and choose which of the blank lines to give them first, and 3) I can vary the difficulty of the number.

We transitioned from this handout to doing problems such as:

What is 80% of 60?

I had my kids first estimate what is 50% of 60. They wrote down >30 and <60 next to the problem. Then they could just ignore the % symbol and the ending zeros, so just multiply 8 and 6.

When they got 48, they needed to ask themselves: Do I need to make adjustments to this number? Do I need to add a zero at the end or put in a decimal point? What makes sense?

I’m hoping that writing down “>30 and <60” at the start helps them focus on checking for reasonableness in the answer.

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