166 – Barbie proportions

My 6th graders are working on scaling Barbie up to human size based on one assigned body part. It should be a 5-period (1 week) project.

Instructions for each group of 3 students — each group gets its own Barbie:

  1. Measure Barbie: as a class we chose to take 15 different body measurements on Barbie.
  2. Measure human: they can measure one person in the group or they can have my (teacher) measurements. I have done this lesson in last 8 years, kids actually liked to be measured. Same body parts as that of Barbie’s.
  3. Find ratio of human to Barbie for each body part.
  4. Each group is assigned a body part. Using the ratio of human:Barbie for that assigned body part, the group then multiplies this ratio by each of Barbie’s numbers from step 1.
  5. Draw out Barbie on butcher paper.


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