20 – estimations, Ricky the sheep, missing area

My 6th graders had our first day with Estimation180.com.

I’m waiting for the algebra kids to get tired of the Block Game, but still no such thing! They’re only getting better at the game — they’re blocking each other and showing work for each problem.


In the second hour of algebra, we worked on a group PS called “Ricky the Sheep” using large whiteboards.

Ricky the Sheep

It’s a hot summer day, and Ricky the Sheep is at the end of a line of sheep waiting to be shorn. There are 60 sheep in front of him. Being an impatient sort of sheep, though, every time the shearer takes a sheep from the front of the line to be shorn, Ricky sneaks up four places in line.

  1. How many sheep will get shorn before Ricky?
  2. What if there were 100 sheep in front of him, then how many will get shorn before Ricky? 323 sheep in front of him?
  3. What is the rule or equation for any number of sheep in front of Ricky?
  4. (Extension) What if the number of sheep Ricky sneaks in front of changes?


In geometry, the students worked with whiteboards on this “Missing Area” problem. Kids laughed when I said it was my favorite problem, “Mrs. Nguyen, you say that about all the problems!”



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