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49 – CONTIG game

CONTIG is one of my favorite games for the kids to play. One year we even held a school-wide tournament.    

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48 – more graph stories

To follow up on this lesson, my algebra kids did this lesson. I’ll also use @mr_stadel’s Elmo’s Microwave Travel videos for more graphing stories.  

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47 – interpreting distance-time graphs

Busy Friday. My 6th graders played Block Game with solving 2-step equations. (Why don’t they get sick of this game?) I’ve been asking the kids who struggle to come in at lunch time for extra help with me, but I also have two or three kids who always come in to help me help their peers. How kind is […]

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46 – Barbie bungee

I wrote about this lesson last spring. It was nice to do this lesson from start to finish in two periods. First period was all the measuring and graphing.     Then the first half of second period was for figuring out (using linear regression and/or slope) how many rubber bands to add for the bungee jump. […]

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45 – end of quarter and Taco Bell

Can’t believe we’ve already reached the quarter mark.   We’re falling behind the stupid pacing calendar in 6th grade math and algebra. Do I care? Apparently not because I had my algebra kids continue to whiteboard the Emperor’s Banquet problem. (They wanted to finish this!) They see the pattern but have a hard time articulating for n guests — not quite seeing […]

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44 – (sub day) – quarter finals

I was out again today for a CCSS-M Leadership workshop. Over the summer, we had a wonderful retreat together. For the three follow-up meetings during this school year, we get to switch roles and enjoy our participants (in pairs) do a one-hour presentation on mathematics, Common Core, equity, and/or leadership. Today enjoyed two informative presentations on “fractions […]

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43 – Brad Fulton’s “take your places”

I know I’m sitting in a great workshop when I say to myself, “I can’t wait to do this lesson with my kids on Monday!” And that’s exactly what I thought when I attended Brad Fulton’s session this past weekend in Palm Springs at CMC South Conference 2012.   You can download the entire 50-page packet here. […]

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40 & 41 & 42 – (sub days) – out for three days!

I had to take Wednesday and Thursday off for my son’s knee surgery. Then I had to take Friday off for CMC South Conference 2012. With the exception of my maternity leaves, I’ve never had to be out for three straight days like this. Writing sub plans is always a pain. I want my kids to […]

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