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83 – MathCounts elective

Our school offers a lot of great things, unfortunately Elective classes are not among them. Firstly, it’s only 3 days a week — Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday — for 30 minutes each. Secondly, there aren’t many options. This is both due to scheduling and staffing. At least 1/4 of our kids do not actually get […]

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82 – constructing visual patterns

Most of my algebra kids are done with the two visual patterns that I’d randomly assigned to each one of them. They are really getting better at figuring out the equations! I’m so pleased to see that the more practice and exposure they get, the better they are at seeing patterns and reaching the formulas. So now […]

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81 – feeling blessed to have a good sub

I’ve been absent from school this year more than any other. I’m committed to two ongoing math workshops where I’m one of the presenters, added to this was CMC-South which was a new one for me. I think most teachers would agree with me that writing sub plans is way harder than just showing up and doing […]

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80 – crossing the river

This is a popular problem. I got it from Fostering Algebraic Thinking by Mark Driscoll.   Eight adults and two children need to cross a river. A small boat is available that can hold one adult or one or two children (i.e., three possibilities: 1 adult in the boat, 1 child in the boat, or 2 children […]

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79 – graphing an irrational number on the number line

Here’s my post about this lesson in geometry.

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78 – early dismissal

Gave my algebra kids more time to work on their Visual Patterns assignment. Marissa needed help with this one. She sees the pattern, she’s working on writing the rule. Hmmm…    

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77 – more Mathalicious

We continued with our Mathalicious lessons in all the classes. I wrote about it on my blog.   Membership is so worth it!!      

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76 – Mathalicious lessons

This week instead of doing the regular weekly PS I’m assigning all three classes lessons from Mathalicious.   My 6th graders did the Family Plan lesson. Algebra kids took on Donut Stand, while Geometry tackled Viewmongus.  

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75 – pattern blocks, visual patterns, Yajilin puzzles

I really like how this handout (page 2 has the answers) makes kids think more flexibly about fractions. We just got started today, half of the class is struggling quite a bit. A couple of students were done but made a few mistakes that they needed to fix. I want to add more problems to this handout! […]

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74 – the brownie puzzle

The geometry kids whiteboarded the Brownzie Puzzle by James Tanton.   The bottom two pictures show what the kids drew when I told them to use, “wishful thinking” strategy. 

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