23 – Jen ratio and zero game

My algebra 8th graders LOVED the Jen Ratio lesson from Mathalicious!!

I appreciated having the discussion with them about the significance of a zero in the numerator or denominator of the jen ratio. Lesson guide: It seems like good has all the power in the jen ratio. I asked students to keep a tally of the positive and negative interactions they experience for the rest of the day and to share their jen ratios on Monday (no school tomorrow). Then we’ll talk about how many more positives they’d need to accumulate to reach “happiness” ratio of 5, if needed.


Thank you to Julie for posting the ZERO game from Denise at Let’s Play Math. My 6th graders had fun practicing integers, absolute value, and order of operations. We need to spend more time with integers though. They kept sticking with subtraction instead of division to make the numbers smaller.


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