29 – (sub day) – common core workshop

I left plans for my sub to continue having my geometry kids work on postulates and theorems involving parallel lines cut by a transversal. My algebra kids got more review with proportions and percent change. My 6th graders got a quiz on adding and subtracting integers. Can’t wait to see the results tomorrow.

I was first to present at our first-of-three follow-up workshops for the UCSB Common Core Math Project. (We met for one week in the summer.)My presentation was on Math Practice #3: construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. I had the participants work on this problem in pairs. Then I shared additional similar lessons — more Malcolm Swan lessons — that would promote this practice.

Other topics covered by my co-presenters included transformational geometry, professional relationships, Chapter 6 of this book, and we also looked at the newly released test sample questions from Smarter Balanced.


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