30 – Salute! game

I was not happy this morning to see my sub’s notes about how poorly behaved my algebra kids were yesterday. There isn’t a fiber in me that will tolerate disrespect, so they got an earful from me. My sub is a math major, finishing up her teaching credential. She’s been my main sub for the last two years, so the kids know her and she knows them. She is young and kind, and she loves to teach. I reminded them that they are good kids, but character building is doing the right things when no one is looking.

Anyways. My 6th graders took a quiz yesterday on adding/subtracting integers — (I love these little SBG assessments that don’t make me crazy!!) — I definitely need to spend more time on this with a bunch of them. I took 3 students in at lunch to work with me today. When lunch was over, they were all smiles and said, “I get this!” My goal is to get 100% of the kids to master this!


For more practice and kids helping kids, I had them play Salute! They had so much fun!!

Salute! Game

Three players, one deck of cards. Red cards are negative, black positive. King is 13, Queen 12, Jack 11, and Ace is 1.

Roughly divide the stack of cards into two piles, faced down, to give to two players who sit facing each other. The third player sits in between the other two players. When the third player says “Salute,” the two players with cards simultaneously take the top cards off their respective piles and hold them on their foreheads with the face of the card outwards so that they can only see the other person’s card. The third player announces the sum (or whatever operation the teacher has decided for the game) of the two cards. Each of the two players holding a card tries to be the first to announce the number on his own card (which he cannot see). The winner takes both cards.


Geometry students continued working on the Semicircles PS. Two groups got really close to the solution by end of class, we’ll play around a little bit more tomorrow.


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