34 – block game and something else happened

My 6th graders played Block Game for multiplying and dividing integers.

After school yesterday I was going through my iPhone and made a face when I saw this picture.


Two students saw my reaction to the picture, one asked, “What’s so funny? What’s wrong?” I didn’t want to lie, so I showed them the pic and pretty much said something along the line of don’t-try-this-at-home-or-anywhere.

Then today in class, while we’re working on a D = rt problem, a student shared that he’d added the two rates of the cars. I said, “Does that make sense to add their rates?… So you added 50 mph with 60 mph… that’s 110 mph. That’s really fast. But who drives like that?”


Then I heard from a student in front row, she muttered quietly, “You do.”

Ahhh!! Oy. (To her credit, she just smiled at me, and we moved right on.)

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