37 – racetrack

It’s another early dismissal for kids today because we have our annual Carnival from 3:30 to 8:00. Normally my homeroom gets the Dunk Tank booth, but due to liability issues, we no longer have it. I think we have the dessert table now. Not quite the same.

My 6th graders have already played Battleship with their other math teacher (all our junior high kids have 2 periods of math; this group has 1 period with me and 1 period with another teacher).

So, I had them play Racetrack. I didn’t realize that this picture (the only one I took) shows two kids playing the game incorrectly! They were supposed to increase or decrease each move by 1 unit only. My principal happened by and commented on how much he loved the noise in the room — he spent time observing and talking with the kids about the game.


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