57 – exploring special quadrilaterals

I’m pleased with how this lesson turned out. It’s a good bet when I do very little and kids do all the talking in class.

On grid paper, kids were asked to do the following:
  1. Draw a quadrilateral. Write one sentence about it.
  2. Draw a parallelogram. Mark it up. Add words to describe it, if needed.
  3. Would you say a parallelogram is a special quadrilateral then?
  4. Are there other special quadrilaterals or special parallelograms? Draw them.
  5. For each “special” one that you drew, go back and mark or list its essential features.
As a class, they came up with square, rectangle, trapezoid, and rhombus. I then put them into four groups (5 kids in each) — each group assigned one of the shapes and they were to explore all the features and write if-then statements.
We ran out of time, but this is what the groups have thus far. Tomorrow I want them to examine the diagonals of each quadrilateral.


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