64 -ordering on the number line and Jeopardy

With my 6th graders I’m using a lesson from Simply Great Math Activities: Fractions, Decimals, & Percents by Bill Lombard and Brad Fulton. They have an online store.

There are 128 cards, most are fractions, some are percents and decimals. Each kid has about 3 or 4 cards. I call students up one by one, randomly, using InstantClassroomStudent has to hang his/her card (just one) on the string number line, and he/she also gets to fix others’ hanging cards if believed to be in the wrong location. No talking during this time.
On Monday, we’ll continue and hopefully finish placing all 128 cards. Then in small groups, I’ll have the kids work on what they think the final placements are. 
My algebra kids are playing Jeopardy Bingo! So much fun!!


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